Vantage Credit provides global collections services that maximise  collections performance and accelerate your cash flow. Our services are tailored to the B2B environment, delivering higher collections performance and exceptional client service with a personal touch.

We offer global coverage through a local service delivery infrastructure because we understand that local collectors have more impact on your customer. Local knowhow means we can incorporate locally nuanced collections processes and develop better rapport with your customers.

We understand that every case is different, so we give each one individual consideration and match our collections approach to the needs of the situation. We understand that your relationship with your customer can vary, so this individual approach means we are always flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

We can offset our fees against recovered interest and charges where required. For some clients, this results in a quality collections service that is cost neutral.

Our services are delivered in a fully compliant manner at all times. Our involvement in the wider credit industry ensures that we are not only aware of regulatory changes but we are also helping to shape future legislation for the benefit of creditors and the economy as a whole. The contribution that we make in this area means that our clients can rest assured that we deliver the highest possible standards.

Why We Are Different

Cost reduction has been the ubiquitous focus of the credit industry, with companies under pressure to improve efficiencies in the collections process.

Our approach is different because we believe that targeting higher overall recovery rates will ultimately create greater returns for our clients compared to only focusing on efficiencies.

We do this by using only highly skilled people and we give them the time they need to give each file the attention it deserves. Our collectors are local to the debtor to create maximum impact and facilitate effective communication.

In this way, we ensure that you recover as much of your revenue as possible, reducing your bad debt and accelerating your cash flow.