We aim to reduce the financial risk that is inherent in legal action by offering a commission style fee arrangement wherever possible. In the UK, this covers county court judgments and winding up petitions. Because there is no up-front investment required, and usually nothing to pay if there is no recovery, you can pursue more of your delinquent accounts with a greater range of options available to you.

Our global network of trusted professional partners means you can take legal action anywhere in the world with complete peace of mind. We draw on our extensive experience to optimise your legal strategy through the tailored deployment of a suite of legal and enforcement procedures, including insolvency actions, giving you the most effective service whilst protecting your budget.

We have extensive experience in managing cross-border legal recoveries, and we guide you through every step of the process. Where your terms contain a specific jurisdictional clause, we can, together with our local partners, advise you on the best legal route to use to recover your debt. We assist you with preparation work, including where required preparing a power of attorney and translating key documents, and we proceed seamlessly with appropriate enforcement to recover your funds.

Our legal solutions manage your costs to ensure maximum return for your investment. Monitoring the return on investment of each process means that we can ensure you benefit from the most effective service at the best possible price.

Vantage Credit’s legal services offer you:

  • Commission style fee structures with no upfront costs where possible
  • Global coverage
  • Full range of legal options in each jurisdiction
  • Trusted partners to give you peace of mind
  • Maximised return on investment
  • Fulfilment of audit requirements